Taiwan Food Trail

Taiwan’s out of the norm Food Trail

Taiwan, an island in East Asia; located some 180 kilometres (112 miles) off the southeastern coast of mainland China across the Taiwan Strait, is a country filled with unique culture and land of cheap and savory food.

Chicken drumstick wrapped in thick glutinous rice


Assorted soy sauce with spices marinated street delights.. Mainly parts from chicken, ducks and pig
Icy cold bean-curd dessert

Extra large scallop with teriyaki sauce

Sushi… And more sushi..
Extra large prawn sashimi
Just Italian in Taiwanese style
Butter Taiwanese croissant
Selection of fish roe

I do have many photos to upload… These are some of the photos you do not usually see from any person’s blog (Night market food are too common… hehe)

Well, Taiwan, I would say isn’t just a country for only mandarin speakers to visit. They are somehow bilingual too (well, they do understand 1 to 10 and a to z). Amazon does offer some interesting books giving you the needed insights on what to do and where to go in Taiwan.

I personally have these 2 books from Lonely Planet and Insight Guides. These recommended books are filled with descriptive information about the country and narrated with colorful photography. Check them out!

Lonely Planet Taiwan (Travel Guide)

Insight Guides: Taipei City Guide (Insight City Guides)

If you need help in discovering this country… Drop me a message.. I can try to help you along the way 😀


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